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Tower Once Planned for Prominent Riverside Site Back from the Dead

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Like the mythical phoenix that rose from the ashes, so too may 444 West Lake, a project that was all but dead in 2009. The original plan called for a 50-story building that would rise over the railroad tracks on a site along the river at Lake and Canal. Optimism was high after developer Hines Interests landed Baker & McKenzie and William Blair & Co. as anchor tenants. Although nearly two-thirds of the building was leased, Hines ultimately had difficulty obtaining financing in wake of the recession. As a result, Baker and Blair were given lease terminations, with Baker moving instead to the Blue Cross & Blue Shield building. Now, it looks like the project may be resurrected after Hines recently updated its website with new renderings, which were spotted by none other than Spyguy at Skyscraper Page. The latest version, designed, like its predecessor, by Pickard Chilton, has been downsized to 45 floors and will stand 650 feet tall. One of its signature features is an extensive outdoor area capable of providing new pathways and vantage points on the city in the same vein as Trump Tower's plaza. Additional renderings and site plans are available here.
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