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For $2,200: A Rehabbed 1874 Humboldt Park Coach House

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Welcome back to the needlessly nebulous region sometimes referred to as East Humboldt/West Bucktown. It's actually pretty clear cut— ask yourself, am I east or west of Western Avenue? This restored coach is in Humboldt Park, despite what you end up telling friends. And being in Humboldt isn't necessarily a bad thing. Living at this spot, near North & Western, is more like wading into the neighborhood. If Bucktown's your scene, you're right on the cusp of it. But if you're a bigger fan of park space and mom-and-pops, Humboldt has that in spades. So, what of the property? Coach houses can make nice rental options— it's like renting a single family house but often cheaper and more private. Not a bad way to lock down decent space in a desirable neighborhood. This isn't Lincoln Park, but renting a 3-floor, 2,500-square-foot space for $2,200/month should be agreeable to many. The 1874 structure, entirely modernized, comes with four bedrooms, two full baths, an updated kitchen, in-house laundry, a balcony, and a large patio. Pets are OK "within reason", which likely means no St. Bernards or Leopards. Can't win em' all.
·Listing: 1633 N Campbell Ave [Baird & Warner]