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Big Reveal: $469K for this 4-Bed Irving Park Greystone

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This round of PriceSpotter elicited some wild swings in readers' price guesstimates. The Greystone classification is certainly a stumper. On the one hand, as reader buckman821 points out, Greystones generally command a premium. On the other hand, there are different grades of Greystone, and this one is not the picture of 19th century extravagance that typically springs to mind. Also, Irving Park (excepting Old Irving Park) is a rather sleepy area with sleepy prices. That being said, two of our readers just about nailed the ask with guesses of $474,900 and $475,000. The actual ask—$469,000—is just a smidgen below its 2004 sale price. Relatively small for a 4-bed, the trophy yard and interiors give the place some top-flight credentials. If you don't mind the location, this could be a stellar find. Thanks for playing along, everyone! Keep sharpening that market grasp for next time.
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