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True Brownstone w/ "Panache & Sophistication" Asks $1.749M

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If you're only going to spend $1.749M to live in the Gold Coast, you'll be needing ample reserves of "panache and sophistication" to fit in. Luckily, we found it. This 1890 Brownstone rowhouse has four levels of reworked living space featuring things like two-story windows, skylights, a library, den, exercise room, a cool master bath, and many vintage appointments. There's also a spiral staircase and chef's kitchen. We're sorry to have to get real for a second, but there are also a couple drawbacks: the backyard amounts to a bare patio (there's not much else in the way of outdoor space); and, taxes are a whopping $24,500 a year.
·Listing: 46 E Schiller St. [Koenig & Strey]