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Wright's Millard House Nearing a Year on the Market

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The immaculately restored George Millard house in Highland Park is undeniably one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most harmonious works. The rustic T-shaped 4-bed mimics the lot's dimensions, observes Dennis Rodkin in his Deal Estate profile from last summer. He spoke with Claire Montenegro, one of the owners who's called it home for the past 20 years: "I don't think he thought of this as a fancy house," she says. "It was a casual place, for a family." That's not to say the home doesn't have many of Wright's characteristic touches. It has plenty— like the centralized fireplaces, 68 art glass windows, and veranda. The home sits on a 2/3 acre wooded corner lot just off the lake. While it lacks private frontage, public park and beach access is nearby. First listing for $1.399M, the ask is down to $1.25M. The Montenegros, who purchased the property in 1992 for $485K in a severely run-down state, recently won a restoration-preservation award for their fastidious devotion to the place.
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