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Blue-Cart Recycling to Reach Entire City in 2013

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Here's something we thought we'd never live to see: blue-cart recycling will expand to the city's 340,000 remaining non-highrise households in 2013. At present, only 260,000 homes are serviced. Mayor Rahm Emanuel made the announcement following the conclusion of a six-month competitive bidding period where the city saved $2.2M. 'Efficiencies' (read: labor concessions) were created through a process which sought to narrow the gap in price per cart between public and private haulers. Private hualers, which now manage four out of six recycling zones, run costs of just $2.70 per cart. City crews used to run costs of $4.77 per cart, but have whittled that figure down to $3.28. What'll be subjected next to competitive bidding? Tree-trimming and street marking. [City of Chicago]