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Video Interlude: Rejuventated Kenwood Condos

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New life is being breathed into a 10-unit condo building at 4351 S Lake Park Ave in Kenwood. Chicago Mag's Dennis Rodkin tours the mid-construction property with builder Lewis Korompilas of Premium Builders to suss out the quality and style of the units. Korompilas has a more-successful-than-not record of rescuing and reselling distressed condo developments (his one glaring failure was with a much larger condo ruin on Belmont near the river). In the video, Korompilas speaks of wanting to reflect the historic character of many Kenwood structures, and thus, high ceilings and liberal doses of wainscoting and crown moldings are deployed in the varied layouts. The building's limestone and brick exterior is another nod to the neighborhood. And the best news: savings brought about by the property's discounted purchase are being passed along to prospective buyers. The two- and four-bed units, originally priced to the mid-500s, now run from $199K to $369K. [Deal Estate]