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Modest Albany Park House Gets Rebuilt, Lists for $375K

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Here's a case study in constructing a modern, personalized dwelling with what already exists. That is, you don't necessarily need to lay out for a boxy—and often pricey—new build if you want something contemporary and untouched. This new-to-market 3/2 single family in Albany Park may be simple throw-away design, but the 1901 wood frame shell has been retrofitted with some pretty nice stuff. According to architect Joel Heiniger, founder of JH Design (the firm entrusted with this renovation), modern flourishes include concrete countertops, bamboo floors, and a "linear gas fireplace". The down-to-the-studs renovation also put in all new doors, windows, mechanicals, and appliances. Granted the interiors have been staged, but we still really like what we see. The extra wide lot accommodates side and back yards and a large trellis-topped deck. All this for $375K? Not bad.
·Listing: 3722 W Sunnyside Ave [Baird & Warner]