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A "Confident Classic" in Kenwood Loses Face on the Market

What's up with this Kenwood mansion? Various sources make varying claims to square footage (one says 5,863, another says 5,000 plus a 1,600 sf coach, and another logs 4,000). Suffice it to say the 108-year-old 6-bed is big enough, especially when you throw in the 3-bed coach. The traditional red brick main house sits on an oversized 40' x 150' lot with a 6-car garage and what looks like a large side yard. The listing claims the house had undergone "a total and complete renovation, respectful of the period," and notes the improvements: new plumbing, HVAC, electric, roof, radiant floors and security system. These are crucial considerations but it's still hard to fathom how the October 2010 ask could increase more than 200% over the February 2010 sale of $1.09M. It's not like the house had been for dead. We scoffed at this a year ago when we included the listing among a post on Kenwood's priciest mansions. At that time it was listed for $1.99M, already far reduced from what Zillow indicates was its peak of $2.399M. It's finally starting to re-enter the realm of reason—it's currently asking $1.55M—but there's still one thing that really irks us: million dollar homes tend not to show off their washer-dryer combo.
·Listing: 1219 E 50th Street [@Properties]
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