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Ex-Sox Slugger Jim Thome Upsizes in Western 'Burbs

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Former White Sox slugger Jim Thome is taking a crack at a mansion change-up, buying one in Burr Ridge while aiming to sell another in Hinsdale. It's essentially what most people do, just with bigger, pricier properties. The prolific hitter, now with the Phillies and in his 22nd season, paid $4.6M for the seven-bed, seven-bath English manor above, according to Crain's. The home, on two acres at the end of a cul-de-sac, rocks a tennis court, theater, paneled library, and seven-car garage. Yikes! Maybe he'll find it in his heart to lend out some parking to the needy. Meanwhile, in nearby Hinsdale, Thome's six-bedroom mansion is on the market for $3.8M, what he paid for it in 2006. A Peoria native, it looks as if Thome will keep his attachment to the region once his career winds down. We oughta have enough monster homes to keep him occupied.
·Listing: 245 Elm Ct, Burr Ridge [Brush Hill Realtors]
·Jim Thome, former White Sox power hitter pays $4.6M for Burr Ridge home [Crain's]