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Hulking Kenwood Mansion with "Billiards Lair" Lists for $1.699M

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Q: What's the difference between a basement with a pool table and a full-blown "billiards lair"? A: A billiards lair looks like this. An original feature of the 100-year-old seven-bedroom mansion in Kenwood, the ornate basement facility would be a fine place to escape life's drudgery. The house has some other qualities too, including the attic's pretty intense "great room" measuring 27' x 33' with a wide bank of windows and fireplace (one of six), a marble-floored dining room, a sun room, a coach house, and six en-suite bathrooms. Pubic property records put the finished square footage at 9,168. Back on the market since de-listing in October, the asking price is $1.699M.
·Listing: 4906 S Greenwood Ave [MetroPro Realty]