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Loyola University Reveals CTA-adjacent Apartment Proposal

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The redevelopment of the CTA's Loyola Station and its immediate environs just got way more interesting. Loyola University is branching out on its own in an attempt to get a four-story, 41-unit apartment development built at the northern edge of the planned plaza. Ald. Joe Moore of the 49th ward released information on his site, and will host a community meeting on the subject this Monday at 7pm. A tip o' the hat to Skyscraper Page user lawfin for leading us to the news. According to Moore, all of the units will be one-bedrooms and there's to be 15,000-square-feet of ground floor retail. Solomon Cordwell Buenz is the architect (cue remarks on characteristic blandness). Since a surface parking lot already exists immediately to the West, only six new spaces will be built. A vacant lot and the single-story former home of Beck's Books will together encompass the new building's footprint.

Also observe, the plaza design has been tweaked— it's more triangular, more open, and less commercial. A drive has been added for access to parking behind Loyola's new building and other Sheridan Road properties. Construction should kick off very soon, as the CTA has eyed a spring start since news broke last summer.
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