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Golub Gives Form to its Planned South Loop Apartment Tower

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Not to be undone by North Side distress, perennial real estate force Golub & Company is pushing on with plans for a 39-story apartment tower at 9th & State in the South Loop. The Chicago Journal has brought the project's first known rendering to light, borne of last week's community meeting. We addressed the initial murmurs back in November, when all we had to look at was a surface lot. The building's dimensions have remained the same, and, if earlier cost projections hold, the project will run a $111M budget. Rent-wise, it may become the South Loop's priciest apartment building. The simple glass edifice certainly hasn't gone the distance creatively. But it could be worse: it could be clad in tan panels with a cheapo pinnacle and spire. Of course there's to be a parking podium, though the ratio of units to parking spaces is not devastating (392:241). Golub expects to drag a more complete plan before city later this year.
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