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Old Waterview Site Turns A Corner With New Design

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Back in November, we reported on plans by Related Midwest to transform the seemingly-eternal concrete hulk at the old Waterview site into a 52-story rental tower. Scaled-back considerably from the supertall Waterview Hotel originally planned for the site, the new proposal made up for what it lacked in height with a bold, almost gravity-defying design courtesy of the now defunct firm of DeStefano Partners (above left). Now, according to discussions at Skyscraper Page, it appears that Related has scrapped DeStefano's design in favor of a blander, glassier building whose massing is more reminiscent of the cancelled Waterview Hotel, albiet on a shorter scale (above right). The latest iteration trades daring for uniformity and cohesiveness with a design that is far less avant-garde but one that still manages some visual interest through recessed areas in the facade. No word on whether the height will remain at 52 floors. Check back for more updates!
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Waterview Tower

111 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601