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24-room Insley Estate Lists for $3,999,950 in Lake Forest

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The Holabird & Roche-designed Insley Estate sits on 1.35 acres one block from the lake and just down the road from the famed Schweppe Estate. It's not quite in that league though— it's got only half the square footage, and just 24 rooms (compared with 27). So gather your belongings all you paupers— $4M and you're moving in! The home, built by railroad baron John Insley Blair in 1898, is an enduring brick classic with a new slate roof, limestone fireplaces (15 of them!), mahogany walls, and leaded glass French doors. There's 10 bedrooms, eight full baths, and three half baths spread across four levels. But the basement floorplan (slide 4) is what really got us. The sheer number of rooms—finished and unfinished—and their scattered layout feels like some new geography still being charted. Our thanks to Ben Clauss of for loaning out the plans. Any takers?
·Listing: 360 N Mayflower Rd [Coldwell Banker]