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On the heals of Preservation Chicago's "Chicago Seven" list of endangered city sites comes Landmarks Illinois' take on threatened sites statewide. Blair Kamin gives a rundown on the just-released list of 10 sites including five in the Chicago region. The Chicago area sites are: Lake Bluff's Blair House, by Keck and Keck; Elgin's Fox River Country Day School; The Hotel Guyon in impoverished Garfield Park (at right); the Maywood Home for Soliders' Widows; and, the old Prentice Hospital building. Prentice represents the only overlap with the "Chicago Seven" list, and certainly the most publicized. We've also heard a lot about the collection of prairie homes at the former Fox River Country Day School. Built by John Van Bergen in the 1920s, the property is in foreclosure with no historic protections in place. [Cityscapes, previously]