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Bob the Bodybuilder Seeks White Collar Female Roomie (run!)

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Sometimes the biggest creepos have the nicest addresses. Often, they advertise on Craigslist. The claim here (as much as you can trust it) is that a condo share in a lakefront doorman building has opened for a mere $440/month. Conditions: you must be... female aged 20-40; single; a white collar professional; and in search of the affections of an older, self-proclaimed body-building man of menacing demeanor. O that beaming mug! If you find yourself craving more of the same, check out Bob's myspace page (in the original ad, linked below). That's right, myspace. And Bob, thanks for keeping Twin Peaks at the forefront of our minds. Without further adieu, the ad in all its raw glory:

$440 lake shore drive hi-rise single white male seeks female condomate (lake shore drive / east lakeview) (map) lake shore drive high rise condo,balcony,stunning view of lake and harbor,24 hour doorman,exercise room,laundry room,directv,at&t u-verse high speed internet (wireless compatibility).single white male seeks white collar / professional or comparable occupation female condomate,apprx age range 20 / 40. $440 / month including utilities (electric,cooking gas,heat,air conditioning).completely and nicely furnished private bedroom.wall to wall draw draperies,wall to wall closets,twin size bed,dresser,thayer-coggin love seat sofa,modern stow-davis contoured sectional chair,modern koch+lowy dual vertical beam chrome floor lamp,z-shaped plexiglas accent tables,13" tv set,room controlled central heat / air conditioning system.i'm non-smoking however you may smoke but only on the balcony,not in the apartment. If you want wired phone service in addition to your cell phone there is a phone in the bedroom so bring along an internet calling device such as nettalk or magic jack etc .indoor valet garage parking extra,no pets.this is the best roommate value on the internet,upscale accommodations and location at a budget price.available for immediate occupancy
contact bob for appointment .
additional photos at

We know you don't need to hear it from us, but, to vanquish any risk of misinterpretation, we have to say it: Ladies, DO NOT rent from this man!
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