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The New Corporate Interior

The traditional mismatch of office environs and individual corporate ethos is being called into question by the design work of Gensler's Nila Leiserowitz, reports Janet Kidd Stewart for The Tribune. As managing principal of Gensler's Chicago office, Leiserowitz has spearheaded new offices for Whole Foods and is knee deep in design work for the Rehabilliation Institute of Chicago's (RIC) new hospital high-rise at 630 N McClurg. In both cases (and in West Coast examples), the environments are tailored to promote the health, sanity, and productivity of workers (and patients). With Whole Foods' new Midwest headquarters, the 36,000 sf office space is modeled after their stores with decorative shelving, signage, polished concrete floors, and wooden beams. Sustainable building materials are employed. With the RIC project, Leiserowitz is looking to fuse cutting-edge research and treatment with the patient setting. Stewart proceeds to plod through Leisorwitz's professional pedigree and philosophy. Hop over to The Trib for more. [Trib, illustration by Rick Tuma]