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Noah Properties Rolls Out Something for the High Rollers

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Noah Properties really upped the ante this time around. Many of their properties are in West Town, Humboldt Park, and Wicker Park and ask in the mid- to high-six figures, but they've made single family and condo forays into Lincoln Park, North Center, and Roscoe Village where a similar product can fetch more. This 5-bed specimen has fine grained details and accoutrements less common to their product line. It actually manages to not feel terribly formulaic. The core components are recognizable—coffered ceilings, millwork, jumbo windows—but the home theater, ridiculous master bathroom, wine cellar, wet bars, and cluster of outdoor spaces are what boost the ask to $1,499,900. And, though you'd be signing up to live in a glass box, at least there's a handy anti-lewd device in the form of a crotch-height censor bar running the width of the master bedroom windows.
·Listing: 1928 W Wolfram St. [Sergio & Banks]