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JGMA Takes on Northeastern Illinois' new El Centro Campus

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JGMA Architects, the firm with a penchant for avant-garde educational design, has been awarded a new contract— Northeastern Illinois University's (NEIU) new El Centro Campus at Kimball and the Kennedy. We bring you a preliminary rendering of the structure. It hits on familiar notes—bold color, organic form—that JGMA uses to both market and inspire. Just look back on their UNO Elementary School and Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy High School. If it seems awkward to plant a school on a site overwhelmed by highway traffic and Metra tracks, all you have to do is consider the visibility and connectivity. There's the Belmont Blue Station to boot. No, it's not the most pedestrian or bike commuter-friendly outpost, but it's better than almost any suburban location. The current El Centro Campus, NEIU's Spanish-language collegiate facility, is less than a mile west of the new site, at Belmont and Pulaski. According to JGMA's website, design work has been underway since February and construction will commence this summer. A hat tip to Skyscraper Page user ardecila for bringing the renderings to light.
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