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For $389,000: A Seven-Bedroom 'Painted Lady' in Beverly

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If we had a feature called Bargain Mondays or the like, you can bet this Beverly 7-bed would make an appearance. On and off the market for two-and-a-half years, the ask is down to $389K (it was last sold in 2005 for $475K). Beverly has more than its share of opulent homes at accessible prices, but few sleep so many. On the off chance you're not a family of eight, what place couldn't use a library, wine closet, or man cave? Prior to such embellishments there exists a sun room and den. Other niceties include vaulted living room ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, original woodwork, patio, and large yard. Any takers?
·Listing: 1620 W 102nd St. [Cavan Realty]