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Another Unit Available at Rebori-Designed Gold Coast Complex

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There's another opening at the Andrew Rebori-designed co-op complex at 50 W Schiller Street. It's a plain spoken number given the its meticulous Beaux Arts environs. But never mind that. It's still got the right stuff— high ceilings, hardwood floors, new master bath, and a couple of fireplaces. A 1,625-square-foot duplex, it came off the market last July at $549K, and has just returned for $475K. That makes it $50K cheaper than the overwrought 'Paris in the 20s' neighboring unit that's been working on selling for nearly four years. Both are 2/2 with similar square footage, but one allows you to assert your own style with much greater ease. So if you're keen on inhabiting this classic building but vintage Parisian decor ain't your bag, do without the nightmarish dismantling and pick up this unit instead. Assessments are an unwieldy $2,016/month but include tax, insurance, and utilities.
·Listing: 50 W Schiller St. #2J [Koenig & Strey]