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Near North Colonial Gets Slammin' Reno, Lists for $1.2M

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Praise abounds for this contemporary remodeling of an 1886 Near North Colonial. The 3/3.5 home, recently gut-renovated in a 1960s modernist fashion, has skylights, 11' ceilings (to say nothing of the vaulted dining room), 11' engraved metal doors, three fireplaces, and funky built-ins like the living room sofa. A symmetry runs through portions of the house (amplified by the staged furniture). Finally, though the lot is small, there's still a garden, roof deck, and use of the neighboring garage. But hold your horses, Mr. Realtor: "This level of sophistication not found in Chicago." Oh, you mean the egregious number of pillows stowed where books ought to be. Yeah, that's lofty stuff. That grave offense aside, this place is a real marvel. Returning to market after a 24 month hiatus, the new ask is $1.2M.
·Listing: 166 W Burton Place [@properties]