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New Momentum & Timetable for 212-32 Illinois St. Proposal

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Buried at the bottom of a Crain's article on the adventurous dealings of NYC-based developer Fred Latsko is a reminder of his plans for the lot at 212-32 W Illinois Street. Tied up in litigation over an unpaid $10.3M loan on the River North site for the last few years, Latsko recently reached a settlement that effectively greenlights his 26-story, 200-unit apartment proposal. We did some digging to come up with this rendering, and, since it's already approved, what you see may actually stick. According to Crain's, Latsko is seeking a construction loan to get the $65M project rolling by summertime. "I'm out of my litigation now," says Latsko. "I can finally start playing offense instead of defense."
·Fred Latsko gets almost $21M for Rush Street Lululemon store [Crain's]