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Will Art Take the Lead in Movement to Save Prentice?

Famed fashion photographer and Chicagoan Victor Skrebneski has enthusiastically enlisted his services in defense of Bertrand Goldberg's Prentice Hospital. Inquiring with The Tribune's Blair Kamin as to the best use of his skills and celebrity, Kamin wisely steered him away from official channels and toward art. "Take a picture", Kamin suggested. The result is something far beyond your typical architectural photography. It's a surrealist side-by-side pairing of images of Prentice and Goldberg, distorted to look like one another. Will preservationists latch onto the photograph as a lead banner for the movement to save Prentice, or is it too artsy for the cause? Seems to us like it's time to try new tactics. [Cityscapes, Image: Victor Skrebneski]