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For $489K: Mid-Century Mod in Northwest Suburban Niles

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Here we go again, talking up the 'burbs against our better judgment. But hey, if you're prepared to be wholly car-dependent, you might wish to consider this delicious mid-century morsel up in Niles on the edge of forest preserve. The architect owner has "painstakingly restored" the 1,700-square-foot 2-bed home while preserving the original character. Standouts include the yellow brick fireplaces, glass walls opening to a patio, white ash paneled ceilings, radiant heat flooring, a Japanese garden, and—our fave—the "floating" kitchen. It's listing for the same price as in 2008. Hopefully, its elevated condition will save it from anything close to the $120K in reductions leading up to the last sale.
·Listing: 6861 N Concord Lane, Niles [@properties]