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Giant Limestone Manse Hits the Market for $7.875M

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OK, we realize that probably not a single one of our readers can afford this Near North listing. But that won't stop us from dangling it in your faces anyhow. The six-bed, eight-and-a-half-bath traditional mansion belongs to a stand of rather homogeneous condos and extravagant new-builds running between Orleans and Larrabee. While close to plenty of fun things, it's not necessarily where you'd plan on dropping close to 8 mil. Notice how the asking price is more than twice the 2007 sales price. Built by Big Shoulders Property in 2005, the mansion was originally 10,500 sf. Basement expansion has brought the square footage to 14,000 (the decks add another 4,500 sf of pure hang-out), which appears to account for the substantive difference. That, and amenities that may not have existed until more recently, like the pair of in-ground resistance pools, sauna, full gym, theater, elevator, and various decorative items. Oh, and let's not forget the atrium w/ waterfall. You've also got a state-of-the-art security system, a "home smart system", and a 6-car garage. That's right, it's the home that allows you to live like Leno. Clearly, a place for the comfort-minded. But if we had this kinda cash to burn, we'd probably go for something with views, land, or history.
·Listing: 460 W Huron St. [Baird & Warner]