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Crafting a LEED-like System for infrastructure

We all understand the preeminence of LEED certification in the minds of "green" architects and developers, however flawed and/or inadequate the system may be. But what of infrastructure? Who's governing the green credentials of parking lots, expressways, or water treatment plants? OK, so there's a lot about expressways that will never be 'green', but aren't there gains to be had in construction techniques and material usage? An article by David J. Unger for Medill News Service talks to a bunch of experts who say multiple sectors may be ready to coalesce around a LEED-equivalent for infrastructure projects. Namely, a new assessment tool called Envision has the approval of some heavyweight organizations. It's the most comprehensive rating system yet, using a point system to cover 60 criteria for environmental sustainability. On a case-by-case basis, a lot of the elements of green design are contained in things like 'complete streets' programs, which combine innovations like porous pavement with traffic calming and planning for mixed modes (i.e. more space given over to bikers and pedestrians). But a broader delivery method is needed, and Envision may be it. [Medill via Kansas City Star]