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Fulton River District's Trio Park No Longer Just a Notion

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With $500K in Open Space Impact fees in the bag (developer contributions to the public realm), the Fulton River District's long-stalled Trio Park will soon be a reality. Word from the Fulton River District Association, via Chicago Architecture Blog, is that groundbreaking for the half-acre green space at Union and Wayman is set for August 1st. Construction should last about two months. As we wrote previously, the park had mentions dating back to Trio's (the building) old marketing materials, before the development changed hands and switched to rental. At long last, we're getting some follow-through. The renderings are unchanged from last summer and depict an attractive-enough space with a lawn, circular path, benches, and good shade. It seems tailor-made for lunch breaks— a half-acre doesn't allow for much else, anyway. By the time it finishes it'll be getting chilly again, so we'll see you there come next Spring.
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