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Outlandish Attic Puts Its Stamp on Classic West Ridge Abode

Looking for a radically-new approach to insulation? Take a page out of this West Ridge home's playbook. At first absurd, then masterfully decadent, this super-absorbent quilted attic is about the craziest thing we've seen in any home big or small. Just as mindboggling, it looks like people actually get work done up here. It also features skylights and a "pull out balcony", whatever that means. But it's not just the attic, there's a lot of soul throughout this property. Most notably, the "mature landscape" includes a greenhouse, vegetable garden, and a koi pond w/ waterfall. Good news for the buyer: except for the floor rugs, of course, the attic madness is fully built-in. Bad news: that buyer will not be you. The property was just sold for $340K.
·Listing: 2129 W Greenleaf Ave. [@Properties]