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New Clues Help Envision Designs for Chicago Bowl Site

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Here now, development dispatches from recent meeting minutes of the East Village Association:

On the empty lot south of Commercial Park at 1834-50 W. Chicago Ave. there has been a proposal for 3 separate structures by North/Clybourn Group with Hanna Architects. The project will have commercial tenants on the ground floor and residential above. The project is within ordinary zoning and traffic will enter through the back. These are the first named players we've encountered in the development of the ex-Chicago Bowl site, apart from the landlord himself. In a January meeting of the EVA, Landlord Ken Kosinski dropped vagarities on the crowd, speaking of his desire to build a "middle anchor" for the stretch of Chicago Ave between Dominick's and the Goldblatt building. At the time, he didn't reveal the nature or usage of the development, but he had a lukewarm reaction, at best, to efforts at "pedestrian street zoning". Encouragingly, whatever the renderings may reveal, it sounds like the developers are blazing a trail toward a mixed-use option rather than the ever-dreaded strip mall. We'll probe for more info in the coming days. It remains to be seen what traction the proposal will ultimately have. Hats off to Michael for the tip!
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