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Bizarro Oak Park Lair Complete with Turret Needs Serious TLC

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No, you're not being spoofed. This 1929 Oak Park structure on a lush boulevard stretch of Kenilworth Avenue is actually meant as a single family residence. From regal to rundown, this rehab project is for only the most committed (i.e. insane) restorers. The listing is clear enough on that, forbidding "weekend warriors". So what assets exist to stoke dreams? Well, first of all, there's the turreted tower (visited by the local vandals). Lord only knows what awesomeness might incubate here. Then you've got your tudor-beamed vaulted living room with a lofted overlook (good for entertaining). Additionally, there's three bedrooms, three baths, a library with terra cotta flooring, breakfast room, a pair of fireplaces, a touch of art glass, and a clay tile roof. The listing indicates this is not a short sale or foreclosure but there's still some manner of court approval required. The ask? $325K. Come now, who's up for the challenge?
·Listing: 1138 N Kenilworth Ave, Oak Park [RE/MAX]