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Architectural Treats

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Time Out Chicago visited a particularly slender new-build for last week's House Call column. Doug and Catherine Sandberg built a pretty spiffy home for themselves beside a golf course in West Rogers Park. The 12.5' wide structure doesn't suffer for lack of openness. High ceilings and varied window shapes and sizes mitigate the 'shotgun' feel that could have easily set in. The centralized spiraling staircase also takes up minimal space. But it ain't just the dimensions that make this a compelling home. An array of ecofriendly and reclaimed building materials were deployed, including 100% recycled rubber flooring for the staircase and hallways. Doug, as architect, had a good time of it: "It's a much more interesting design challenge to work with a boiled down, simpler form and a smaller set of materials," he says. "It was a fun challenge." [Time Out]