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Development Update: Miller Lumber Apartments

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The East Village Association (EVA) is reporting that developer Smith Partners has resubmitted a downsized apartment proposal for the Miller Lumber site at 1815 W Division. The changes are a clear accommodation to neighborhood angst over the scale of the original proposal, which called for a five story building with 52 units and 42 parking spaces. We wrote about this early incarnation back in February. The new design, by architect Adam Berkelhamer, shaves off one story (most Division Street structures are four stories or less) and cuts the units and parking spaces to 39 and 35, respectively. Individual floorplans have changed as well, with some units expanded, others contracted, and three 2-bed corner units added. The overall downsizing should also help assuage vocal concerns over the building's potential for conflict with the school bus staging grounds along Honore. Dying to weigh in? Another 1st Ward meeting is scheduled for April 27th. [EVA, previously]