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The 'Burbs: Big Development in Line for Naperville

There's increasing evidence that some suburban downtowns are on the upswing. Evanston is welcoming a long-stalled 51-unit mixed-use development, for example, and now Naperville will get a new office/retail development in its downtown. The proposal, from Naperville's own BBM Inc., aims to bring 33,000 sf of ground floor retail and 66,000 sf of office space to a prime parcel at 10 S Main Street. The broad four-story building will wrap around an existing parking garage— a remnant of another developer's failed plan for the site. The experts believe it'll work this time around, thanks to Naperville's high incomes, good density, and lust for retail. Sure enough, BBM pres Dwight Yackley claims to have prospective tenants' letters of intent for all the retail and most of the ofice space. However, the venture still awaits financing. [Crain's, rendering at right]