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McKinley Park, Where Everyone's Up in Your Business

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Mirrors are a demonic force in the world of photography. You can try to be cautious of their presence, but every now and then, if you miss an important edit, they fill your life with unintended consequences. In this case, a modest but reasonably attractive McKinley Park listing is compromised by a bathroom intrusion. Maybe you enjoy company when you're peeing, but when you're trying to imagine yourself as the dweller in a new property, it never helps seeing strange faces in strange places. A shame too, because the bathroom was otherwise staged so nicely. With five bedrooms, a basement rental, a 2-unit coach rental, and the whiff of illegal subdivision (as Joe Zekas kindly points out), perhaps you're just being conditioned to expect breaches of privacy. Still interested? The ask is $229,900.
·Listing: 3439 S Claremont Ave. [Century 21]