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PriceChopper: The Dupont-WhiteHouse house

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Relocated, defiled, and now partially restored, the landmark DuPont-Whitehouse house in McKinley Park is also price reducing at a serious clip. When Curbed toured the 1875 Italianate country home last March, owner Oscar Campos had stripped out damaged interiors, configured the house for three bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms, repainted the cornice, commissioned new carpentry, and fitted the roof with a broad skylight. At that point Campos had invested $100K and estimated another $100K in necessary renovations on the buyer's end (although that figure may be low). Starting out with an asking price of $269K in late 2010, it gradually reduced, left the market, and returned yesterday for $179K. The historic home originally belonged to Junot Whitehouse, superintendent at the nearby DuPont Gunpowder and Explosives plant. What more will it take to lure the DIYers? [CurbedWire, listing]