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Three West Town Spec Homes Make Their MLS Debut

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West Town spec construction is lifting off these days. There's been plenty of chatter about one company in particular and their simply-built but princely product tailored for the upper middle class. That company is Noah Properties. Fresh off the sale of a pair of three neighboring homes on the 1800 block of W Erie, two more of their properties emerged today on MLS. They're noticeably further west, and a bit cheaper as a result. Noah's homes tend to sell quickly, and the fact that they've migrated west of Western suggests a confidence in their product and the local market. Joining the party is one more property with a similar approach to design. Built by RD Precision, it's further west and is shooting for more than the Noah homes. All three properties are carried by Izabela Sloma of Sergio & Banks, and all three are scheduled for end-of-March delivery. Have a look!

1) 658 N Oakley Ave.
Asking Price: $849,900
Size: 4-bed/3.5-bath
The Skinny: This home from Noah Properties occupies a corner lot in Ukrainian Village. Not that it boasts a larger lot as a consequence. Actually, its lot is a little shallower than the others. The interiors include built-in shelving, a really nice kitchen, a wet bar, and Noah's signature floor-to-ceiling windows. The home also comes wired for surround sound and, like the others, is equipped with a security system.

2) 2423 W Erie St.
Asking Price: $599,900
Size: 4-bed/3.5-bath
The Skinny: Just west of Western, a half-block from Smith Park, this soon-to-be-completed home borrows its looks and pics from Noah Properties' recently completed 1848 W Erie. With hallmark transparency from its wall of front-facing windows, and crisp non-adventurous spaces, it's a predictable but high-quality product— just what you need to succeed when building on spec. Like the other Noah Property further east, square footage is not yet reported, but expect the two to just about match one another. The main difference: this address saves you $250K.

3) 2550 W Huron St.
Asking Price: $924,900
Size: 5-bed/3.5-bath
The Skinny: The one non-Noah offering, this slightly larger home is being built by RD Precision, according to the listing. Another presence in the neighborhood (see 2034 W Superior and 514 N Ada), though a nebulous one, we had difficulty digging up info on the company. Justifications for the $325K bump in asking price over nearby 2423 W Erie include the existence of a roof deck, a wet bar, the fifth bedroom, and a swankier master bath. It's also right on Smith park. A little thin, perhaps? That's for the market to decide.