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For the Daring, Restore this Home to "the grandeur of yesteryear"

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In tranquil Ravenswood Manor near the river, this 1920 behemoth awaits a complete transformation to single family mansion. Big even by a big house 'hood's standards, the potential to create a marque address seems to be driving the ask skyward. Sold most recently in 2006 for $1.050M and listed again in May 2010 for $1.35M, the ask had eroded to $1.275M by March of last year. Never fear, it just returned to the market for $1.595M. The Explanation? New renovations have enabled the seller to market the building as a single family for the first time. Previously a 5-unit rental building, work is underway in unifying the property as one massive eight-bedroom house. Usable square footage is 6,200, but with the "English garden basement" (which needs lots of TLC) and attic you've got around 9,000-square-feet to play with. The rooms are quite large for the most part, and what we're allowed to see of them show healthy hardwood floors, new paint jobs, and numerous windows. There's a pair of kitchens, a sun room, and, in the partially-finished basement, a rec room . So, who's throwing down?
·Listing: 2749 W Sunnyside Ave. [Baird & Warner]