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Home Alone house sells for $1.585 million

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The owner's efforts to cash in on their property's inherited stardom may not have been as successful as they'd hoped. We've been dutifully tracking the Home Alone house here at Curbed since it listed last May for $2.4M. Two price cuts brought the ask down to $1.95M, but the sale price, according to Mary Ellen Podmolik of The Tribune, fell much further to $1.585 million (not far above Winnetka's median). A look around shows a well composed home, but one only vaguely reminiscent of all those riotous Kevin McCallister scenes. The stairs are the only thing that really take you back. Sorry folks, turns out it's not the land of perpetual Christmas and booby-trappery after all— just your run-of-the-mill North Shore Georgian home. Owners John and Cynthia Abendshien paid $875K for the 4,250-square-foot home in 1988, and have done an admirable job maintaining it. Just imagine the youthfulness this magical place could bestow on a willing subject. One thing is certain: this is one buyer who doesn't mind the spotlight.

Home Alone House in Winnetka hits the market for $2.4M