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Amusing Facade Gives Way to Blank Canvas in Irving Park

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It's hard to be overly fond of terra cotta cladding when it's pieced together to look like a gaudy fast food outlet. And if you're gonna shell out $949K in Irving Park, you'll want to be in love with your home's facade. Beyond that, this 5,000-square-foot contempo dangles some serious potential. The wide open main floor brings together the living room, dining room, and a huge kitchen. All four bedrooms have private balconies. The finished basement contains an exercise space and theater room, and we're told that somewhere lurks a sauna. With a little extra investment, the roof will accommodate a deck. Speaking of investment, the home was first listed in early 2008 for $1.2M, where it then embarked on three years' worth of price chops, selling this past June for $252K. Past listing photos suggest it sat unfinished for a long span, only recently coming together— which would explain the large price jump.
·Listing: 4348 N Tripp Ave. [Coldwell Banker]