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Renovation Watch: The Randolph Tower

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"Imagine a historic facade melded with an uber modern interior" begins the official sales pitch in a lead-up to the first stage of occupancy at Randolph Tower City Apartments. According to the project's PR firm, that stage has just begun. Last summer, Curbed parsed the project with Jonathan Holtzman, CEO of developer Village Green. As Holtzman told Curbed, where sensible and affordable, old materials were rehabbed. Where onerous, modern materials were applied. The 45-story neo-gothic landmark building at 188 W Randolph will have 313 new rental units when it finishes its full 24-month development cycle around this time next year. But units have been leasing since August, and some are move-in ready right now. Curbed plans to visit in the coming days so stay tuned! [Village Green, previously]