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Dishing the Stats on SCB's Planned Streeterville Tower

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Today we welcome new details on the Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB)-designed hotel/residential building planned for 435 N Park Drive, between the NBC Tower and Sheraton Hotel. In our prior reporting, we've had just rough estimates to work off of. The stats are hardening now, thanks to developer Donald Wilson Jr.'s rezoning application in February. Made available on the Streeterville Organization of Active Residents' (SOAR) website, the application lists the building height at approximately 625' and 55 stories, with 400 hotel rooms, 398 rental units, and 230 parking spaces. While nearly 500' shorter than the old Waldorf proposal for the site, with half the stories, this proposal's bulk (and, presumably, scaled down unit size) is allowing for 75 more hotel rooms, 98 more residences, and 70 fewer parking spaces. The reduction in parking is the most surprising, and most welcome.

To the best of our knowledge no big design changes have been made, but last we checked SOAR was certainly not celebrating what they deemed a lackluster and redundant design. A tip o' the hat to SkyscaperPage users Spyguy and ChiPhi for the leads.
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