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In Lake View, Picnic Table Dining Amidst Books and Art

The indoor picnic table is a stunt seldom seen because it seldom pans out. They're bulky, simplistic, and uncomfortable for a reason: to withstand mother nature. Really, who would want one of these posture-destroying monstrosities for their dining room table? The inhabitants of 4331 N Hermitage Ave, that's who. With surprise and admiration, we must confess it looks pretty perfect in this compact setting. It helps that it's been dyed and treated (no fear of splinters), and that the dining room itself has a handmade quality. There's no name-dropping here, just intuitive, crafty design. We're referring to the custom-built shelves, the blown-glass chandelier, and the huge lily painting (Georgia O'Keeffe?). The room belongs to a sizable American 4-square on Hermitage near Montrose. Relative to this enchanting space, the rest of the house lets down a bit. The most adventurous elements are the light fixtures. New-to-market and asking $799K, the home was last sold in 2006 for $765K.
·Listing: 4331 N Hermitage Ave. [Sotheby's]