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For $1,510: A Wide Open Cobbler Square Studio Loft

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At any given time, you're likely to find a few of these large Cobbler Square studio lofts available. At press time, there were six. They're all a wee bit different and priced between $1,500 and $1,600. What we've got here, available in April, is the cheapest of its class at $1,510/month. The 750-square-foot obstruction-free unit has, at minimum, 12' ceilings and with a little help the bedroom could be totally segregated. It's of the vintage brick and timber variety, as opposed to the other menu offering: a contemporary "soft loft design".

Cobbler Square is a pronounced loft complex on Wells Street in the heart of Old Town. Fashioned from the old Dr. Scholl factory by a Sam Zell venture in 1985, the complex is managed by well known historic renovators Village Green, the force behind the Fisher Building City Apartments and the upcoming Randolph Tower City Apartments. The complex offers a pretty solid array of amenities: there's a spacious fitness center and a club room for entertaining; affixed to the roof are hot tub and sun deck; and, the game room satisfies your latent cravings for shuffleboard! Most importantly, says the listing, Cobbler Square's not just "post-industrial", it's "post-boring".
·Listing: 1350 N Wells St. unit 217 [Village Green]
·Official Site: Cobbler Square