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First Time Buyers, Recount Your Voyage to Homeownership!

Dear readers and proud Chicagoans, do you feel like you're forever squinting at the home buying process from afar? Eager to get more embroiled in that world? Curbed is getting set to debut a week's worth of features for first-time buyers. We'll approach the topic through buying tips, neighborhood profiles, tales of triumph and defeat, and more. Recently scored your first Chicago home? Whatever its shape, size, or location, we want to hear about it. If you tried to buy and it didn't pan out, we want that story too. Complex and convoluted, simple and joyous, or straight-up embarrassing, we want 'em all! Send the details to our tipline.

We're also encouraging experienced buyers to chime in with tips for first-time buyers. Recommended agents? Neighborhoods? Pitfalls and how to avoid them? Help out a newbie, it's good karma.