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Trio of Hotels on the Rise at Clark and Grand

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The surest sign of the hotel market's strength, the long-planned River North hotel venture is really making its presence felt. Curbed stopped by to grab some pics. The project, known as Clark and Grand Hotels, shoehorns three distinct hotels brands—Aloft, Hyatt Place, and Fairfield Inn and Suites—into a site bounded by Clark, Grand, Dearborn, and Illinois. Developer Al Friedman of Friedman Properties commissioned HOK Architects to design the 621-unit, roughly 180-foot tall group of hotels. Perhaps you'll recall, a three-story Italianate building on Clark and Illinois was demolished to make way for construction of the 379,000 square foot development. The curious business strategy governing the project relies on the three competing brands teaming to create powerful synergies and a thriving new hotel district. We'll periodically check in on construction as the building takes flight.
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