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Open Call for First-Time Buyer Horror Stories

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Did you buy your dream condo only to get blindsided by dues? Inherit an infestation? Do all your bids get bid out of existence? If you're trembling as you read this or you have other disasters to report, Curbed wants to know. What could be more cathartic than cashing in on your distinct misery? To that end, send Curbed your First-Time Buyer Horror Story and stand to win $2,500 toward your choice of home store. The rules are simple: we'll collect 'em all, feature some, and put the best up to a vote later this month during Rookie Roosts Week. Curbed Chicago's winner will then face off against representatives from the other Curbed city sites in a massive poll hosted by Curbed National. The national winner takes all. Our tipline's officially open, so unleash the horror! (Standard contest rules apply)