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Here Rookie, Add This "Extremely Rare" Condo to Your List

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Here we go again with the sensational babble. Realtors, gotta love 'em! We're hard pressed to pin down exactly what's so "rare" about a "sun-drenched corner unit". Most buildings of a certain height have them. We'll grant an unusualness to this seventh-floor 3/2 South Loop condo: it's in the way the building allows over-sized terraces to roll off the living spaces. Instead of conventional pint-sized balconies, the building is tiered to give upper floor units the equivalent of a modest roof deck (600 sf). Its width makes it feel like an extension of indoor space. Other "WOW factors" include hardwood floors, new appliances, master suite, big ass windows, and well-staged tropical plantings. The ask? $349,900 with assessments of $564/month.
·Listing: 61 W 15th Street #705 [@properties]