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DePaul Prioritizes Fullerton Site for Basketball Arena

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DePaul University may decide to build its new basketball arena at Fullerton and Sheffield, so says a Fox News exclusive. Previous indications were that the school was shopping two other sites: one at a portion of the Morton's Salt plant on Elston and the other at the Finkl Steel plant on Cortland. Both would be much further removed from DePaul's Lincoln Park campus. DePaul is after a 2018 opening for the 10,000-12,000 seat arena, pending approval from its trustees. The school already owns the land in question, in use as a plaza parking lot. Congestion concerns are guaranteed to arise, with dense residential blocks nearby and Wrigley Field not far off. But one can't discount the transit-oriented aspects of the site— the Fullerton Red/Brown Station is right next door, and it's immensely walkable for much of the Blue Demon fan base. Anything would be an improvement on the schlep to Allstate Arena.
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